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Eyetracker: the end of sleeping drivers

I just received an email from SmartPlanet that is quite interesting. Drowsiness is reported to cause upwards of 7% of all road accidents, and may be to blame for a full 18% of fatal collisions. Thousands of people die every year because they, or someone else on the road, have been temporarily overwhelmed by fatigue, and committed what is in any other context the most benign of acts: a nap. (more…)

By Craig Haynie, ago
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Off with the braces!

Ok, so this post is about 2 months past due but the subject is certainly worth celebrating. My teeth used to be HORRRRRRRRIBLE, omg you just don’t know. So when I was about 20 and had means to afford braces I thought “I should get braces”. When I was 22 Read more…

By Craig Haynie, ago