I started CablesAndKits in 2001 from my Apartment in Norcross, GA. I had no idea we would grow to dozens of staff, hundreds of thousands of customers, over $15M in revenue, and ship orders all over the world daily. I am blessed beyond measure to have the greatest team ever, including my wife Christin who still works in the business. I still own 100% of the company but was able to step out of the day to day in 2020. I am still involved in monthly strategy meetings, answer the occasional question, and lob ideas or new opportunities over the fence here and there.

CablesAndKits is a Network Infrastructure Technology retailer headquartered in Buford, GA specializing in Cisco Network Hardware and Infrastructure Cabling Products such as Fiber, Ethernet, and Power. Over the 21 years CablesAndKits has been in business it has matured into one of the most customer centric companies in its industry. Same day shipping till 8pm on thousands of in stock and ready to ship items is just the beginning. Friendly and Helpful staff, Free returns, and a LIFETIME warranty on nearly every product set them apart in their industry. Your projects delivered on time.

Phone Number: 888.622.0223 

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Attn: Craig Haynie
4555 Atwater Ct
Buford, GA 30518

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