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Learnin’ all the Learnables Week Ending: Sept 29, 20173 min read

Learnin’ all the Learnables

I previously wrote a blog about learning. In that post I said I was going to apply myself to intentionally seek to learn new things. In this week’s post about learnin’ all the learnables, here is some of what I learned.

Gettin’ some new words

New words from the Merriam-Webster word of the day email.

toothsome – agreeable, attractive.
They were quite large, and were a toothsome morsel for hungry men.

legerityalert facile quickness of mind or body
“The novel’s less than compelling plot is counterbalanced by the narrator’s wit and legerity.”

anathematize – curse, denounce
“Therefore, the difference in wording between the Eastern and Western versions of the Nicene Creed is a matter of utmost importance to the Roam Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. Long before the Reformation, each had anathematized the other for deviating from what it considered to be the correct wording.”

broadside – a sizable sheet of paper printed on one side; also : a sheet of paper printed on one or both sides and folded (such as for mailing); all the guns on one side of a ship; also : their simultaneous discharge; a volley of abuse or denunciation : a strongly worded attack

“When the Declaration of Independence was ratified, Congress ordered that it be read throughout the colonies. The first broadside was printed in Philadelphia by John Dunlap on the evening of July 4, 1776.”

disparate – containing or made up of fundamentally different and often incongruous elements
“The proposed law has the support of a disparate collection of interest groups.”

pace – contrary to the opinion of usually used as an expression of deference to someone’s contrary opinion
Pace the editorialist, there are in fact multiple solutions to these kinds of problems.”

ensconce – to place or hide securely : conceal; to establish or settle firmly, comfortably, or snugly
Though kept and used for years in a private home, the unusual 17th-century porcelain bowl is now safely ensconced behind glass in a local museum.”

Let me attempt this all at once: Uh hum…

“Pace recorded history, the baker in fact prepared a complex and toothsome dish, and with great legerity ensconced it above the throne to be photoed for distribution on broadsides posted throughout the city, which resulted in disparate opinions within the kingdom leading some to anathematize one another causing great unrest.” – Craig Haynie.

Holy cow, that was really hard to do.

WordPress Learnin’s

Plugins – There are a million of them and it’s hard to find exactly what you want. I’ve pulled my hair out trying to find a good image gallery plugin that I like, that’s free.

Bloggin’ still ain’t easy – It’s hard to write short. It’s hard to write long. If you write long, it’s hard to break it down into short pieces. There’s no winning when it comes to content. It just is what it is. But, it’s getting easier.


  • You are “modeling for and inspiring others” whether you know it or not.
  • There’s a never ending amount of things to do. Slow down a little.
  • There is joy being in the company of those you are with all day – if you’ll stop to recognize it.
  • I realized I have a PASSION for “Creating systems that don’t fail”.
  • There’s no such thing as subjective exception reporting.
  • With enough organization and discipline anything is possible.
  • Sometimes, what you HAVE stands in the way of what you NEED.

Happy Learnin’


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