Mexican in Hoschton/Braselton2 min read

After another hard days work tiling floors at the rental house I decided to stop at “The Mexican Place” by the house (Called El Centinela, which if named according to the “say what you do” philosophy, means “best Mexican in town).

My wife almost always gets the same thing. Chicken Soup (sometimes called tortillia soup) and a cheese quesadilla. Rather tasty actually. I prefer things of more substance typically and go for Chilaquiles (Chicken cassarole) or a buritto or something along those lines.

Tonight I am reliving a fond culinary experience with the “El Molcajete”. A few weeks ago I was here and told the waiter “bring me something, anything. Price doesn’t matter, nothing is off limits, all I ask is that it not be the item you rexcomend to everyone that asks”. I got El Molcajete. Wow. As usual, this tactic for randomly trying something new worked to my advantage. The picture and description never caught my attention but I am now a huge front row with a foam finger fan. If I had a few willing participants to finish the words you might find “El” painted on my chest. Well, maybe that’s too far, but it IS good!

It is described as “Grilled chicken breast, carne asada, cheese quesadilla, green sauce, fresh cheese slices, bananna pepper, onions and tortillas. It comes in a big flower pot like dish that is made of some type of porous stone. Everything is just “all in there” but it does have some sort of order even though it may not seem like it. This thing is like the hidden treasure of the menu, very tasty! The only problem is it is a LOT of food. You really need a helper to eat it, or it would leave a perfect amount of leftovers for another meal.

So if you are ever in town and crave Mexican be sure to try it. The Burritos de Carnitas is also amazing here (another waitstaff rexcomendation).

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