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Move along, nothing to see here2 min read

I’m taking a break from blogging tonight. But since I am writing this, am I REALLY taking a break?

I’m really stretched thin lately … why do I do that to myself? I have 100 irons in the fire and an arm full of irons ready to go in, or that just came out. The scary thing is I don’t know which ones in my arms are cold and which ones are hot!

I’m being euphemistically metaphorical. My inbox is a farkin frackelbag of a train wreck. My daily routines are shot out. My sleep is a joke. My hair is on fire.

Even that was metaphorical. My inbox is full of unread emails, of which I am not sure of their importance, I am failing to maintain my pre-defined daily routines, I have not been sleeping a full 8 hours, and I am quickly going from one task to the next with little to no downtime between them for a mental regrouping.

Not good. Not sustainable.

I want to be a good CEO. I want to be a good business guy. I want to be a good husband and father. I want to be a good Christian.

All of these things take time. I cannot be good at all of them at once. Instead of choosing the things to be good at, I try to do a little bit of them all. This week I have done a LOT of a few things at the expense of all else. It’s been good stuff, but not exactly what I had on my todo list and my daily routine list.

Maybe that’s ok. Maybe I need to pivot. What I hate about pivoting though is when you call a failure a pivot. What is happening that causes me to blow up my pre-defined structure and goals?

Perhaps I am going through the painful part of “Delegate and Elevate“.

No matter what, I am going to bed at 10:07pm tonight. Goodnight world.


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