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I mentioned last week that to start off “The year of Serve” we were given the opportunity to come pick up a tract containing a $1 bill. We were to use the $1 as “seed money” (mostly symbolic of what we were setting out to do) to fund an unexpected act of kindness for someone we came in contact with in our daily life. Tonight was the night.

I had just finished up a pretty long meeting that ended at 8:30pm (praise God for that time with a friend) and was hitting the road to head to Macon, GA to check on a rehab project I have going on down here. (I said “here” so that must mean I am writing this from my hotel room in Macon?). I have been on this quasi health kick lately (more to come later) so I really didn’t want to stop at McFatty’s for a big ‘ol grease bucket burger-on-a-bun, large grease sticks, and McSugary drink so I decided to sacrifice 30 extra minutes of my night to stop at good ‘ol Cracker Barrel for a nice grilled fish and veggies. (No judgement on those that eat at McFatty’s, I was very tempted to stop there myself for the sake of time.)

While eating I noticed a man about my age eating alone. God only knows why he prompted me to choose this man, after a week of keeping my eyes peeled for that special someone (well, sorta – my wife had the tract in her book of pockets for days 🙂 ), but he did. So, I finished my food, wrote my name, cell, and email on the back of the tract and walked up to the fella. I said “If you don’t mind, I would like to buy your dinner”. Looking back, I wonder what that might have sounded like when I first said it? But anyway …. He said “Sure”. I laid the tract on the table and said “read that for me, my number is on the back if you have any questions.” He said ok, I said have a good night, and I walked off. I caught a waitress when I was out of sight and asked if she would get his check for me. She went after it and got it from his waiter and came back. She handed it to me with a puzzled look on her face so I said “In case you are wondering, random act of kindness”.

I paid and left and as I was walking to the truck I looked back into the restaurant and I saw the waitress standing there with him. They were obviously talking about what had happened and I saw him pick up the tract as if showing her what I left for him. Not only did that “random act of kindness” affect one person, but possibly 2-3 or more depending upon who the waitress may have told including his waiter.

The experience was very touching and I felt blessed that God would allow me to possibly plant or water a seed in what may be multiple people’s lives. And all because our church has challenged us to “Show Love & Tell Why”.

(Disclaimer: I want to be clear that the purpose of this post is in no way to bring glory to myself. I want to share my experience in an effort to encourage others that may find themselves in a position to share the gospel with those they come in contact with. There is a song by a group I listen to called “Calling Levi” (visit their site) with the lyrics “When we lift you up, you lift us up” and I find this so very true. My spirit practically sings when I share the good news with others. It is certainly not comfortable at first (maybe downright scary), but it gets easier and sometimes turns downright fun! To God be the Glory!)

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