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Blogging under the influence of sleep deprivation2 min read

Blogging under the influence of sleep deprivation

It should be a crime. Today is day three in month two of the Blog Challenge and today, I’m out of gas.

I’ve had it rough lately. Early mornings, all day meetings, and late nights (many times just to blog). Today was especially rough. Not enough sleep last night followed by a late start this morning, attending a 3.5 hour business planning seminar, late for a business lunch followed by several hours of completely back to back meetings.

Then, rushing off for a meeting “out of the office” at Starbucks with a co-worker. That meeting was hijacked by a customer’s needs (which gladly come first) which delayed the start of our meeting until 6:30 (it was planned from 5-6). A text and call to my wife to explain that I am going to be late – maybe even very late, results in disappointment by all – especially one of my daughters. Let’s add the fact that the internet wasn’t working. How is Starbucks Starbucks without internet? The coffee didn’t taste half as good without it.

The meeting went long, followed by a long call to the customer (which went well). The call uncovers insane urgency which results in me working in the parking lot of Starbucks with no internet, going to Steak and Shake to discover theirs didn’t work either, then on to McDonalds for a .03 mbps connection. Better than nothing (but not better than a 56k modem connection – do the math).

Slow internet - How many mbps is 56k

I finally finish my work at 10pm and head home. By this time I’ve had a Facetime call with my four year old daughter who is so disappointed that she doesn’t want to talk, and they’ve gone to bed.

Now I sit here, near delirious, with a headache “this big with Excedrin written all over it“, blogging.

A challenge is a challenge, but I gotta get things between the rails.

One good thing about a challenge like this is if you are committed to it, it forces you to think about and realize how hard it is to do something worth doing consistently. It’s too easy to make excuses, or allow the rest of your life to choke out the things that matter most. A blog challenge really shines a light on your ability to stick to your plan and follow through.

I thought tonight was the night I would fail. I sat staring at a blinking cursor thinking “today was a great excuse for skipping the blog tonight”. Then I thought “that sounds like a crash and burn waiting to happen – no, I will blog about something”. As Jim has said, it’s better to write than be right. So here I write.

Now off to bed I go. Perhaps tomorrow will slow down ever so slightly. Nighty Night blogosphere.


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