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The Triumphant Return of Captain Blogtastic2 min read

Hear ye, hear ye …. (Blast forth the uncoordinated sounds of a gaggle of de-tuned trumpets)

After many much refrains of linguistic incompetence, Captain Blogtastic has returned to taunt you a second time.

I went dark. I went off the grid. I went away. I went awry. But alas! I’ve resurfaced.

A friend of mine, the great and amazing Jason Montoya, recently challenged me to dust off the ‘ol blog and write every (business) day for the month of September. (I hadn’t blogged since 2011 so perhaps it’s more of an archaeologic dig than a dust-off.)

He and a friend engaged in this challenge for August and for a limited time only have extended it through September ANNNNND invited anyone in that want’s to join. When I say “invited” I mean that the challenge is on the web and, well, you’re an adult (or think you are), and can do what you want.

Here it is:


I panicked.

Me: No!  Ok, yes. But I’m not sure what to write about.

He: Doesn’t matter.

Me: Ok. Well in that case I have plenty to write about. Done. How should I do this?

He: “Read this and this” he said.

So, here we go. I’ve got ideas but who knows how it will pan out. We’ll find out together. I think the idea behind the exercise is to get into a habit of writing and sharing, and through that exercise maybe you find your way, find your voice, find yourself, or at least find the password to your blog – all good.

I say a lot in a day. Some of it is even useful. I am hoping that people will point out – “hey you should blog about that”. Then hopefully I will, and hopefully it will be useful to someone. Maybe I will read it, be inspired, and actually follow my own advice.

If you think of something, shoot me an email, text, fb message, smoke signal, etc!

Officially this starts Sept 1 but I’m getting a bit of a head start, at least with this first post.

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