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I approached the cube of Ryan, our IT guy, at the office last Tuesday to hear our warehouse manager Sajan tell Ryan “I’ll do it if Craig does it”. “If Craig does what?” I asked. Ryan wanted to start an indoor soccer team and apparently Sajan’s way of saying no was to say he would do it if I do it. Well, that backfired on him!

I said “Ok, lets do it!”.

Let me give you a little background. I am fat and out of shape.

So Ryan gets all kind of excited; I bet his soccer ball was sharing his pillow with him that night. Well it was out of control from there. Within a day we had a 10 person team assembled and within another day Dan (Account Manager) had sponsored jerseys ordered. Our first practice was scheduled for that upcoming Sunday and our first game was scheduled for the following Wednesday!

Being a fat and out of shape 5’11”, 220ish lbs (a little less now, been losing weight after some diet and activity changes) I decided it would be in my best interest (and the interest of my teammates) to at least do a little walking prior to our practice. So Tuesday night I set out to walk and within a few steps I was running (jogging). I ran 200 “steps” and thought I would die. I walked about 200 and then ran 200 again, then walked home (about another 200). I was soaking wet and thought my heart would beat out of my chest. I did the same thing the following day but was able to do about 50% more.

Sunday came quick and several (but not all) of us met at a local park that has nice AstroTurf soccer fields for practice. We goofed around a while and before long we joined another group of people, added some stragglers to our team, and had a scrimmage that resulted in a 4 to 4 tie. We felt great. Well, as a team we did. Individually I think most of us felt like overstretched rubber bands. I pulled my groin and took a 700 MPH shot to the nether region which resulted in a lot of rolling around on the ground, pointing, and laughing. I should take this time to note that myself and MOST of the team had NEVER played soccer before.

Up next …. What happens when we get pushed onto the field with a “real” team.

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