Dugout Men’s Group; iron sharpening iron2 min read

I am part of a men’s group called “Dugout” that meets every other Saturday at the Hamilton Mill Campus of 12 Stone church in Dacula, GA. 12 Stone is not my home church but I have visited there several times and have friends that attend there. I was invited to Dugout by one of those friends a while back and haven’t missed a meeting yet! Proverbs 27:17 says that we are like iron sharpening iron and I can testify to the benefits of an all men’s group in that respect.

Men will more openly share with one another and especially in small groups. One of the great things about Dugout is that we are divided into small “unit” groups that contain a total of about 5 or so guys. This gives the guys the opportunity to get to know the members of their group more intimately than would be possible if we just sat in a bunch of chairs in no particular order. A lot of our unit groups were just reworked and this past Saturday was the first week in my new group. I am excited to get to know all the guys in our new group and look forward to how we can lift one another up in our various times of need.

Also, it is pretty typical for unit groups to meet together in the off weeks at a different location. I have yet to be a part of one of these get togethers for one reason or another but am looking forward to the first one this upcoming Saturday!

Each meeting starts off with everyone mingling, getting coffee, and settling into their seats and chatting with their unit group members. Mickey usually starts things off singing a worship song while playing the acoustic guitar and opening us in prayer. Jack wll then typically do anouncements and then introduce that day’s speaker (of whom no one has ever been less than a blessing). When the speaker has finished we discuss what we have heard in our unit groups which seems to always lead to great thought provoking conversation. Mickey usually ends us with another song and closing prayer.

This is such a great ministry and I thank Jack McEntee for his dedication to leading it. If you have any interest in checking out Dugout please let me know and I would be happy to get you more information or have you come along with me as a guest!

“Dugout is a place where men dialogue, network, and collaborate on a variety of life topics. We share our experiences to guide, inspire, and support each other as we pursue the purpose God has designed for each of us. Our group contains men of all ages; from 18 to 70. They come from all walks of life and attend various churches including, but not limited to, 12 Stone.”  –Jack McEntee

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