FUEL:Disciplines of Godly Men; Purity1 min read

Wow, Great bible study at 6:15am Wednesday, it sure has been a LONG day! I was up at 5:30 am today (yesterday, Wednesday) to make it to “FUEL”, a mens bible study that started last Wednesday morning at our church, led by our pastor. I missed last week due to being out of town but I made it this morning and it was really fantastic. First of all, to be in a class or study group with all men (or all women if you are a woman) is majorly beneficial to our growth as believers. Men deal with issues that women typically do not and visa versa.

We are using a book as the basis for our study called “Disciplines of Godly Men” by Kent Hughes. Today was about purity (sexual purity) and how important it is that we dedicate the purity of our bodies and minds to the Lord. Every man struggles with temptation in this area in some way at some time, and more likely than not you face temptation continuously. It doesn’t mean we fall, but we are tempted. Being tempted doesn’t mean we are weak, it means we are human (in which case, yea I guess it does mean we are weak!). All the more reason we need the Lord in our hearts and guiding our lives.

I am really looking forward to the study of this book with the Godly men of our church.

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