It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas1 min read

Well it’s finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas, too bad it’s two months late! It’s a little frustrating because now I have to go drag the tree out of the basement again. 😉

They called for 2″ but we already have over 3″ at my house, maybe 4″.

We went to the grocery store a little earlier in my truck. We didn’t have any issues but on the way back home a few people were “stuck” on the road into our subdivision (it is on a medium incline). A lady and her son were walking down the road! So we took them home and I drove her car for her (I got mad skilz ;-). At one point I had her car almost full blown sideways!

I am even more thankfull now for my 4×4 F250!

(picture of my neighbors house attached)

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