It Begins1 min read

Day one. Ground Zero. Here is where it begins. Who knows what will happen, or if it will be profitable (useful) for anyone (probably not!); but nevertheless, it has arrived. The Craig Haynie blog.

What shall you benefit from reading the Craig Haynie blog you may ask yourself while possibly sipping hot tea with one pinky unwittingly pointing toward the dust carousel mounted to your ceiling? Well, at a minimum you may be made to feel less strange when able to compare your life to that of someone that cannot possibly be categorically classified as normal. The rest, will be a surpise.

What will I talk about? Who knows. I am not too political (although I have been known to have an opinion from time to time). I love the Lord and I am certain I will have observations to make as I learn more about His ways and how he would have me change mine (a process that never ends). I typically patronize restaurants three times a day (I “eat out all the time”) so I am sure I will have plenty to say about food, which I love (mostly eating it – not too big on staring at it for longer that it takes to reach my mouth). I am an entreperuer so I am sure there will be some “business stuff” talked about here as well. I don’t have a plan, I don’t have a motive. I just thought not 20 minutes ago “I need a blog”. I am a man of action so within minutes I found myself tapping out this introduction.

So here I am, and here I come. You were warned!

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