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Oysters in Macon, GA1 min read

I love oysters. I also love fried foods, even though I know they are bad for me. So when I am in the mood for fried food what better item to seek out than fried oysters!

It is harder than you would think to find GOOD fried oysters but fortunately I know a few great places.

I come to Macon about once a week to check on a renovation project I have had going on for several months. While in Macon I almost always have dinner at Corky Bells, a seafood restaurant right off I-75 just north of town. They have the best fried seafood and for those that like to pack it down the portions are way more than plenty. They also have good cheese grits which is a must have with the oyster/shrimp combo that I almost always order.

S on 75, exit at arkright rd then right. Right at chik-fil-a, down on the right.

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