June 30th, 2010 – A Georgia Holiday1 min read

You may not know it but today is a state holiday in Georgia……

A new law was recently passed and goes into effect tomorrow that makes it unlawful to text or check email while driving. So I imagine that today is, by default, “Georgia State Text Your Fingers Off While You Still Can Day”.

I know that I am celebrating. As a matter of fact I wrote this blog post while zooming down the road. And with the new iPhone IOS that has multitasking abilities I am also checking email, texting, and playing games. I really do not see the point in this new law.

Whoops, just ran over two small children and a mailbox (WHY were those children on that mailbox?!)

I guess I will have to regress 10 years to back before we had the technology to endanger the lives of others … Sigh. I guess I need to find a local chapter of textaholics anonymous.

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