This that I fear seems to happen to me1 min read

You ever try SO hard not to do something just to end up doing it anyway? Here is my most recent story:

We recently bought an RV to keep at our land so that when we are out there we have a place to chill out, go to the bathroom, etc (it is a preowned 36′ 5th wheel).

I have been having problems with the water heater and the dealer we bought it from is being of little help so I decided to call the water heater manufacturer this afternoon.

I was going down the road and made the call. “You are the 14th call”. Holy cow. Ok, well I am just driving so I guess I will just hold. So I held, for 35 minutes.

I had the phone on speaker because I got tired of holding it to my ear. I remembered hitting the “off” button before to lock the screen so you couldn’t hit buttons or hang the call up so I did, and it locked it.

Finally it said “you are the 1st caller”. Yay, I am next. I took it off speakerphone. Well, I was already afraid of accidentally hitting the end button on the phone so I was especially afraid now. I hit the off button, it hung up the call!!

I thought “great, now I have to sit on hold another 35 minutes!”. I called back. “I am sorry, we are closed for the day”.

Ain’t that the way it goes.

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