“Using your body in this manner will void your warranty”2 min read

I slept about 5 non quality hours Tuesday night and planned to nap yesterday afternoon before our first game. Did I? Nooooo, suuuuure didn’t.

So I played the game, get a powerball to the face, re-pull my already pulled groin, Robbie kills my left wrist with a practice shot that I tried to stop with my fingers that broke, fractured, sprained, or at least angered my wrist (I can’t even turn the steering wheel with that hand!).

So I limped home and had to do a bunch of time sensitive paperwork for my real estate investment company and was up till near 3. I slept THREE and a half hours and had to get up and drive an hour to meet my crew in Snellville to work on my red headed step house there.

I was on my feet working at a rapid pace, up and down into the floor, crawling around, up and down stairs, etc etc for ELEVEN HOURS. While there I got stung by a yellow jacket (HOLY MOLY that hurts! It STILL hurts!), and nearly chopped off my ring finger fingertip in a freak BROOM accident! (insanity).

At the end of the day I got in the truck and WILLED myself home. When I stepped out of the truck my legs nearly collapsed under me. I hurt EVERYWHERE! I HAD to (wasn’t optional) get in the bath tub and soak – for the will to go on. All I could do was make minor movements to move my aching parts from one climate of water to another for a small increase in relief from warmer water.

I somehow made it to the couch which is where I remain. As I sit here I keep randomly getting this sensation at the top right side of my forehead that feels like a drop of water running down my head, which is never there when I feel for it of course. I am not sure if it is nerve damage from the 700 mph ball to the face, my brain misfiring due to lack of sleep, or angry insect poison coursing through my veins.

Either way, if I can make it to my bed maybe I can die peacefully in my sleep tonight. Goodbye cruel world.

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  1. So, is it worth it? Does it hurt good, or hurt bad. These are the painful questions I ask myself everyday after the gym. At the end of the day, it is. Push on, fight the good fight. If being in shape and making the sacrifices for better health was easy, everybody would be doing it. ( and eating Paula Deans cooking)

  2. You have painted a vivid mental picture for me, Craig. Not pretty, but definitely vivid. I really must come see the next game for myself!!

  3. Absolutely worth it! Takes a while to get your body conditioned to be able to handle it though. And it also takes a while to make that sort of activity a habit. The 400 degree weather is not helping, I do not even want to go from the car to the house in this heat!

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