Does this iPad make my head look big?2 min read

Someone just sent me a link to a Wired article claiming that iPad owners are “selfish elites”.

The study, conducted by research firm MyType, claims that iPad owners are six times more likely to be “wealthy, well-educated, power-hungry, over-achieving, sophisticated, unkind and non-altruistic 30-50 year olds.”

I say ….. “OK!”

Just kidding! (I am not unkind or non-altruistic! 😀 )

(Image from, if you want a good laugh, go browse their demotivators!

All jokes aside, I would be considered to be a lot of those things which makes the study very interesting. Now when I see anyone with an iPad I am going to wonder what their real motivations are for having it.

My Motivation? Honestly? I find it easy to irresponsibly spend large amounts of money on silly things, especially “in today, out tomorrow” technology. I will wear a pair of shoes right through the soles (I am being dramatic (JAZZ HANDS)), but I will drop ten Ben’s (Did you see that? I think I just coined a phrase. You will see it on YouTube tomorrow.) on something that has the illusion of exclusivity. Plus I stood in line 3 hours to buy one to GIVE AWAY (See earlier blog post), so surely I was going to buy one for myself too!

Truthfully, if I had not stood in line for one to give away, I would not have bought one (I don’t think?). But now I have one, and my wife wanted one so I got her one too. Now we are sucked in. So when the iPad 2.0 (or whatever they will call it) comes out, I am sure we will be in line for the latest greatest.

THANK GOD we didn’t run to the store to buy the iPhone 4 when it came out to replace our 3G-S versions (that replaced the 3G’s that we had, that replaced the original iPhones that we had) or we might be screaming right now. I am already ready to choke the first AT&T employee I see (anyone would do) due to ever decreasing quality of wireless service in our area. The LAST thing I need is an antenna problem!

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