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My brother-in-law and his girlfriend came up this past weekend to visit. They are from Folkston, GA, an itty bitty town in south Georgia where they probably still run moonshine because they don’t realize there are liquor stores in the next county.

Things move slow down there so we thought it would be amusing to expose them to as much “activity” in as short a time as possible to see if we could get them to psychotically break and start randomly giggling or biting at their ear or talking to the car door or something. It sounded fun (kinda like big city cow tipping maybe?)

We ran them from one end of Atlanta to another, as fast as possible, and in a 24 hour period we:

I think I saw them twitching when they left, and I wonder if we will ever see them again! Fortunately for them, we did about all there is to do in Atlanta. Once you have seen the Aquarium and Coke there ain’t much left!

Seriously though, we did go a lot but had a lot of fun. Kim kept talking super southern and talking about wanting to adopt two goats that would live in the house, so I started calling her Elly May.

We went to Fogo Saturday night, and everything else happened on Sunday. Fogo was good as always and they really enjoyed it (as anyone should, it’s scrum-diddly-umptious!)

While at the aquarium Sunday one of the whales jumped out of the tank and ate this little kid. Ok, so that didn’t really happen but I did eat a fish sandwich at the snack bar; and the other fish had a similar reaction. Ok, so I didn’t eat a fish sandwich there but what if they really did serve fish sandwiches there? That would really be something wouldn’t it. It would be difficult for a fish to work there knowing they might end up on the grill if they don’t stay close to the glass and smile like nothing’s wrong.

The World of Coke is always fun because they have an area on the way out where you can taste Coke products from around the world. I get so excited in anticipation of my fresh batch of gullible subjects falling for the old “You MUST try the Beverly” trick. MUAHAHAHA. If you have tried the Beverly you know why this is funny. If you HAVEN’T tried the Beverly then OMG YOU HAVE TO TRY IT! 😉

The American Idols concert was so-so. Almost any live concert is fun, as long as the music type is somewhat close to what you enjoy listening to. Siobhan did some sort of head banging deal that was completely uncomfortable though. All in all it was good, and it was good to see everyone living their dream. That is if you call 9 people that DIDN’T win singing as one one big opening act for the winner “Living their dream”.

It was a good weekend, and we really enjoyed being able to spend time with Justin and Kim, err Elly May. We look forward to next time!

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