In the news: “Delta shakes down passengers before landing”?2 min read

My wife and I, and two others from my office, are attending a conference in Chicago Tuesday through Thursday of this week. My wife and I decided to fly in ahead of the other guys and spend a few “vacation days” here before the conference begins. On our two hour flight from Atlanta yesterday the flight attendant came on the speaker and said they would be starting a beverage service soon. It sounded like she said that Coke, Sprite, etc. would be available for five dollars and some sort of alcohol would be available for seven dollars. The complimentary snack would be peanuts.

I laughed because she was pretty much saying “Here are some free salty peanuts, and for five dollars we will give you something to wash them down with”. And then I thought “Sure, I will take the five dollar coke. Maybe that will get me into the mile high club!” (Think on that for a minute) Then I thought “I wonder if they will do a 50/50 raffle to raise money to help pay for the flight?” I imagined them coming on the speaker saying “We are selling tickets for a 50/50 raffle and the winner will win half the pot. The proceeds will help fund this flight and if we raise at least five hundred dollars we will lower the landing gear before putting the plane onto the runway”.

She repeated herself a few minutes later and said that cokes, etc were free. I thought “Oh well, I guess there won’t be a raffle”. I am almost positive that she had previously said they would be five dollars though, maybe they were practicing to see what sort of response they would get. : )

So we made it to Chicago, and they did indeed use the landing gear. But with all that has been in the news lately about airlines charging to use the toilet, and crazy charges for baggage, etc nothing would suprise me!

As an aside, the pack of peanuts was not much bigger than a mint wrapper! Before I opened it I wondered if maybe the peanuts would be individually wrapped. < sarcasm>They weren’t and I bet there were at LEAST 15 peanuts in that little package. Amazing.< /sarcasm>

Hopefully I will make some time to do some blogging while here. Maybe I will do some micro blogs while out and about, we will see!

disclaimer: the title of this blog is a jest and not real news.

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