FINE, Help YOURSELF!!1 min read

We went to Ellijay, GA with some friends Friday. As we were leaving Saturday we noticed a turtle in the middle of the road so I stopped to move it so it wouldn’t get ran over.

Well, it was a snapping turtle (read more). I can’t say that I have ever seen a snapping turtle and didn’t know much about them. I do now.

I tried to pick it up and it reached it’s big fat claw foot around and clawed me with it! So I dropped it, and it SPUN around and hissed at me!! “I Am TRYING TO HELP YOU, STUPID!!”.

I flipped it over with my foot and slid it off the road. It leap back to it’s feet, like a teenage …. mutant….. Ninja sort of a turtle, spun around, and stared at me with some sort of “I am going to chop you in half with my MIND look” (while on it’s back legs in a karate chop sorta stance of course).

It put two fingers towards it’s eyes, and then towards me, and then walked away slowly.

I was just trying to help. Stupid turtle.

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