The iPad and I kissed and made up4 min read

Ok so after a few weeks using the iPad I have come to love it. As a matter of fact I can barely go anywhere without it. I currently use HiTask for task management ( and they have a GREAT iPad app. I use this app all throughout the day to manage and add tasks and I can’t imagine not having the iPad to use with it.

E-mail is much easier on the iPad than on the iPhone due to the layout and screen size and also because of the larger keyboard. Surprisingly, I find that the smaller of the two keyboards (in portrait mode) is easier to type on. I may just need to get used to the larger one though, time will tell and to each his own. It is nice that you have the option of either. I will say though that because of years of experience banging out emails on the iPhone I find it easier to answer yes/no e-mails or delete spam, etc from the iPhone if I just want to quickly check email and already have the phone out. If I see emails that need more than a yes/no, or if I already have the iPad out, I definitely use it instead.

I am just thrilled when I look back to what we had (or didn’t have) 10 years ago to think that I have two amazing devices to compare to one another. And just think, if we have this cool stuff now, what will we have in 10 years? I predict smaller more powerful cell phone sized devices with projected keyboards and holographic type displays that function more as an “everything” device. Think cell phone, computer/identity authentication (I am sure computing will be completely “in the cloud” by that time so you will only need “access”), access control (home, car, garage door, medical records, etc). I am somehow always pretty close with my technology predictions so go ahead and plan your future. ;-). I hate even saying my predictions because it seems to make sense for me to find a way to get involved in the development of such technology, but since I always say that and never do, I figure I should at least get credit for the idea by blogging about it first. :-D. While we are at it, I “predict” Apple will make it where the iPad can control the iPhone via Bluetooth so you can make and answer calls from the iPad (using a bluetooth headset of course). Maybe “predicting” it will make it come true (fingers crossed). Oh and a camera in the iPad would be nice too while we are at it. Oh oh and an hdmi port or dongle. And a flip out electric toothbrush. And a taser for personal protection. And built in snow cone maker.

In the past few days I have had several people look at me funny when they see me with the iPad. They say they were thinking of buying one but read my blog post about it and decided against it. So today in church this happened again and I decided I had better write this article. So, now hopefully Apple’s sales will pick back up. 😉

Speaking of the iPad in church, I decided to take it to church today at the risk of being the recipient of soul piercing stares. Fortunately, unlike when I have taken notes on the iPhone, people can see what I am doing better when I have the iPad so I didn’t get dragged out and beaten by the suits. I think a few people that saw what I was up to were perhaps intrigued. I was able to take notes much faster than anyone wielding a mere pen (how antiquated! 😉 ) It just might prove to be very cool for note taking. I would like to see an integrated notes function in some of the bible apps I use though. The supposed new OS that allows for multitasking would also partially solve the problem of having to close and reopen apps when toggling between them.

So, all in all I am in love with the iPad. I do wish it supported flash but after reading Job’s diatribe (Read More) on the reasons why they don’t want to support it I guess I can be reasonable enough to act like I understand. Something will happen to solve the problem sooner or later, Apple usually cares well for it’s minions.

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  1. You know, sadly, some of your predicitons are already here. is a fantastic website (of which I’m sure you’re aware of) and is excellent for a tech/gadget freak. They have a keyboard that is projected onto the surface and you simple tap the desk where the keyboard image is. Craziness.

    As for loving the iPad, good write-up on why you changed your mind. I never thought about taking notes on it in church but I can see how that would be handy (not just in the church setting but also in a corporate meeting environment as well).

  2. Yep, i use it in meetings for notes and this past week in Chicago I used it to take all notes in the sessions I attended. It truly is “revolutionary” as Apple says.

    I will check out the site you mentioned!

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