Back in the skies, Part 21 min read

Ok, so not so much with being back in the skies. : (

I was supposed to take my first lesson back in Winder the Monday after my last Back in the skies post. I got a call the Sunday before from the instructor, I assumed to confirm my lesson. He said “We moved”. “Oh yea, where to?” I asked, thinking they moved to another hanger at the airport. “Athens” he said. Hmm, ok. Well, uh I am not driving to Athens to fly! He said he could fly to Winder for the lesson, but that just sounded like a mess waiting to happen. There were other changes happening in my life that caused my schedule to be uncertain anyway, so I said I would get with them sometime in the future. I hoped to pick it back up in a few weeks, but due to my schedule lately I am just not sure when I will start again. I may just have to spend a straight straight week, 8 hours a day, working on it and just get it over with. At the rate I am going it will take 20 years to finish if I don’t. Very frustrating!

More to come …

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