The iPad sucks .. sorta2 min read

Ok, I am going to try to make this a short post .. I am ANGRY, and I have things to do today.

I got my iPad and finally had time to start loading some things up on it and trying it out. I thought it was cool although (as strange as this might sound) a tad bit too big. Maybe 1″ smaller would have been good. But, I think I will get used to that and enjoy the size.

Anyway, it is a fun toy .. and may prove useful and enjoyable for things like moving lookups using IMDB, or weather using the app. Those iPad specific apps are nice, and big, and interactive; and that is neat.

Past neat the thing is just plain annoying. And it all boils down to ONE THING .. the STUPID web browser!! It is the same browser as on the iPhone, but it has always been unacceptable too; I just accepted it’s shortcomings due to it being primarily a phone. The iPad is supposed to be so much more than just a phone. It doesn’t even have a phone, or the ability to control the iPhone for that matter by the way, and no camera either which is just dumb. You cannot view flash content and Apple has no plans to allow flash to run on the phone or iPad I was told when I called in to complain just now. “It depletes the battery twice as fast as normal” they say. Well SO WHAT? Let the user decide if they like that or not and put a switch in settings to display flash or not!

Quickbooks Online does not work.
My Flight Training site will not display
Several websites will not display at all, or display all gimped up to the point they are not usable.

Not cool Apple, not cool. I paid $830 for this glorified iPod and feel like your ego is all that stands in the way of it being truly useful. I hear HP is coming out with a similar device, I may just return this waste of circuit boards and go for something useful.

I may change my attitude later, but I am mad right now and needed to vent!!

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  1. This is good to know! I was actually contemplating getting an iPad for a few reasons:

    1. I don’t need a phone so an iPhone would be useless.
    2. I have Verizon anyway.
    3. The screen on the iPhone/iPod touch is way too small.
    4. It’d be a nice alternative to lugging around a laptop with accessories.

    The fact that it doesn’t yet run flash astounds me. You’d think that with all the collective brainpower Apple has at it’s fingertips, it could produce a machine that runs better than people expected. I think the global view on Apple is that when they produce something, people think it’s going to be bigger and better than it eventually turns out not to be. I used to think Apple could put a man in space without any help from NASA. Now I see that if they attempted it, the astronaut would be sent out without a helmet and the door latch would come unhinged just after leaving our atmosphere.

    I’ll wait to see what HP comes out with. I played around with their touchscreen monitor at Best Buy the other day. I gotta say I was pretty floored with the results. It works pretty well. The only thing with the HP monitor is that unlike the iPhone, the screen doesn’t feel very sturdy. The iPhone seems like you could press your finger down with brute force and it’d just laugh at you. With the HP, the screen felt soft. It felt like a normal screen that just so happened to react when you touched it.

  2. Well, my opinion has changed since my post of rage. I like it a lot more now. I still wish flash worked, but I just have to hope things will improve (either they will support it or flash sites will use alternate technologies). Other than that it is very useful and I take it with me everywhere.

  3. Well thanks for the update.

    Yeah, I was a little upset to see you hated it with such intensity because being a man of your technological genius, I took what you said with much regard. So basically, the only thing that continually aggervates you is the flash ordeal? I wonder if Apple will ever wise up and just offer a patch/new ver. release or will they just continue to not listen to their customers? Either way, some big changes to the iBrand should be coming soon to stores near you!

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