Scenic drive with landfill views1 min read

So I was headed to Macon Friday morning for a real estate closing and to check on everything going on with other projects there. I usually stay on the interstate the whole time and would make the final leg of the trip on I-75.

Somewhere around the Griffin exit traffic came to a halt. I pulled out my handy dandy iPhone and looked at traffic in Maps, the GPS application. It was at a stand still for about 10 miles so I backed up an on ramp (along with a dozen other people) and went back roads for about 10 or so miles.

Along the way down the winding country roads I saw a few farms, some horses, etc. At one point I even found myself on a dirt road for a half a mile as I made my way south before getting back on the interstate. It was a very pleasant drive, certainly a nice change from the normal highway only trip.

There was one piece of property that really caught my attention though. As I began to drive by it I saw the most amazing view! It was a house sitting there overlooking a nice large pasture that ended with a valley and what looked like a medium sized mountain. It was just perfect. I thought to myself, “That would be a great place to live!”.

Turns out, the big hump was a LANDFILL!!! I couldn’t help but to laugh.

Then it reminded me how sometimes in life things can look great from a distance but when you get right up on them you discover it is just pretty grass covering a heap of garbage. Can you think of a situation that this analogy describes? A two faced person, a “too good to be true” purchase?

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