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It’s Day 4 of the September Blog Challenge. I chose today to write about some of my favorite foods. If you haven’t had these dishes, maybe consider giving them a whirl!

I love food. My wife tells me that the first thing I do after a meal is start thinking about what my next meal will be. That might be a little bit of an overstatement, but I am pretty intentional about meals. I am not the type to just wait till I am starving and eat whatever happens to be around. No, I eat with purpose. I love the taste and texture of food and try not to eat a bad meal if I can help it. Maybe that’s why I am a good 40 lbs overweight haha; but that’s another post for another day.

So here are 5 that come to mind, in no particular order. I am getting hungry just thinking about them!

(Special) Fajitas (Mexican). They usually have some oddball name that includes the name of the restaurant. THIS dish is DElish. It’s fajitas as you would expect (Steak and/or Chicken, Green Peppers, Onions), but with a twist. This dish sometimes includes Chorizo, and is topped with tasty cheese. Er my Gerd it’s delicious on them tor-teal-ey-a’s. Speaking of GERD, yours might be flaring up when you partake of this deliciousness, but it’s worth it.

Chicken Franchese (Italian). Pronounced differently, with conviction, at each Italian restaurant you visit (Fran-Chez, Fran-Chay-Zay, Fran-Chaze), this dish is scrum-diddly-umptious. Traditionally, egg battered chicken sauteed in lemon butter over angel hair or other pasta. I personally prefer the chicken (with the sauce) in one plate (with freshly squeezed lemon juice), dry fettuccine noodles in a separate bowl, and a side of Alfredo sauce. I roll the noodles on the fork, dip half way into the Alfredo, and add a dash of salt. If the noodles are al dente that’s extra heaven. Makes your tongue want to slap your brains out.

Steamed Oysters (Well, seafood). Erase what you just thought – that’s not what I mean. This doesn’t come on a plate. This isn’t an appetizer. This is an EXPERIENCE.When I was a kid my mom and I (along with various family members) would have what we called an “oyster roast”. We built a fire under a thick piece of steel sitting on blocks. We would buy 1 or 2 BUSHELS of oysters (100-150 oysters per bushel) and steam them on the steel grate. You’re standing around waiting for them to open up, and then eat them right off the steel plate (using a rubber glove of course). I continued this tradition into adulthood and even had (until my first child was born) an “Annual Oyster Roast” with 50+ attendees. (I need to fire that bad boy back up.) A little bashful about eating SO many oysters? Join me for one of my roasts – I’ll get you out of your shell.

Dim Sum. (Chinese) A Cantonese type/style of food served as small bite sized and sharable portions. Mostly steamed, but sometimes fried – not only delicious, also an EXPERIENCE. As soon as you sit down, rolling carts full of various dishes start coming by the table. You choose what you think you might like, and share with each other at your table. When you have found the best restaurant for Dim Sum you will know it – you’ll probably be the only natively English speaking, natural born American there. As a matter of fact, I recommend going with someone that knows what they are doing so someone can communicate with the staff. As I say almost every time – Dim Sum gooood dumplings!

Dominos Pan Pizza (Italian?) You know, you can say what you want but this thing is just good. Cheese to the edge that gets a little brown and crispy. Mmm. I like sausage, green peppers, onions, banana peppers, and some cheddar on top. I don’t mean to be cheesy but this pie is all-a-round worth the dough.
I am intentionally leaving out all the wonderful dishes my wife or friends have made once or twice or here or there as that would read a lot more like a list of recipes. Maybe I will post some of those another time. There are some delicious ones for sure!

What are your favorite foods or dishes available in a restaurant?

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  1. I love Dominos Pan pizza too, in fact, I get mocked by my wife for this – haha 🙂 Also, since kids never eat the crust, it seems wisest to get them pan pizzas.

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